Lost 9kg of body weight in three months


Myself Rahul Vasant Gade
Rahimatpur, Koregaon, Dist: Satara
M.No. 9766295869
Age 33

I am very happy to tell my story. I am diabetic since 6 years.My cousin brother showed me Dr Dixit’s Pune lecture on You Tube As told by dr. Dixit I did all the tests and send reports to Dr Dixit as well as mr Kulkarni.They are as follows

4 May 2018 / 4 July 2018
Weight. 93 kg / 84kg
Waist. 43 inch / 41 inch
HBA1C. 7.09 / 5.01
FAS. INS. 12.09 / 11.02

My weight reduced by 9 kg and waist by 2 inch  I am feeling  very enthusiastic. I started this diet plan on my cousin sister’s marriage day i.e.on 6 May 2018 I walk 6 km in 45-55 minutes in the morning.I don’t have breakfast in the morning.I take lunch at 1.30 and dinner at9.30 pm In between two meals I take only water.I have stop eating sweet and oily stuffs during meals and eat sprouted grains at large.As advise by sir my weight should be nearby 65 kg I have decided to reach*that expected weight* This will be my permanent lifestyle in future.
I thank by heart to Dr. Dixit Sir and his team.