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Who can join?

Mandatory tests

It is necessary to get HbA1C and fasting insulin (not sugar) done and share reports with us before you start the diet plan. This will help us to give you appropriate diet plan as per your status such as obese, prediabetes or diabetes.

Fees for joining

This campaign is absolutely free and will be so forever! There are no hidden costs too.

How the campaign works?

You have to get your HbA1C and fasting insulin done and then share your information on given whatsapp numbers. You can also join through our website.

Advantages of joining the campaign

First of all you get connected to people who wish to lead healthy life without medicines! You have the opportunity to get the control in your hands as regards weight loss and diabetes management. You will get free of cost expert advice. You will also get support from the group members. You will get to read success stories everyday. You can also ask your questions, which will be answered by our coordinators. To make this world free of obesity and diabetes, you too can contribute through this network.

Please fill and submit Google form to join.

OR send message and reports on any whatsapp numbers to join

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9545529255, 9890886727, 9757399529, 9823121986, 9423067399, 9325205455, 8888849809, 9850217641, 9822171517, 9422925227, 9096399222, 8975469006, 9422110371, 7588876455, 9422110282, 9049711106, 9657607268, 9819576176, 9270152610, 9790799599