Association for Diabetes and Obesity REversal

Mission Vision

About the campaign

The campaign commenced in 2013 in a humble manner. Social media was used since 2015 in the form of whatsapp groups, facebook page and facebook group.

Progress till date

As of now more than 45000 people from around 36 countries are connected directly with this campaign through social media. Lectures of Dr.Dixit are viewed by lakhs of people. Thousands of people have lost weight. Hundreds of diabetics are benefitted. In some the doses of anti-diabetes medicines are decreased and in some totally stopped. Most importantly this campaign has provided a ray of hope to all obese and diabetics in the world. The feeling that they can maintain good health by their own efforts has instilled confidence in them. People who were unable to walk for 2 Km are now planning to run 10 Km or even 21 Km marathons! This positivity is growing in all circles of society wherever our members are there

Future plans

Diabetes Reversal Centres: One such centre will commence at Nagpur and other at Pune in September 2018. The purpose is to reduce medicines of patients with diabetics. To start with a batch of 100 patients will be followed for 6 months to one year till their diabetes is reversed. This activity will be scaled up in future.

Programmes for school children: School children from 8th to 10th standard shall be educated about healthy lifestyle to avoid obesity and diabetes. Teachers from ZillaParishad schools and private schools shall be trained as trainers. After their training they shall be entrusted with the responsibility of education children in their schools. This activity shall start in Nashik district and we aim to reach at least 2,00,000 children this year.

About Dr. Jagannath Dixit

dr-jagannath-dixitDr.J.V.Dixit, with 28 years of teaching experience, is working as Professor and Head of Community Medicine Department at Government Medical College, Latur, Maharashtra.

He has done MD in Preventive and Social Medicine in 1990, PG Diploma in Hospital Administration in 1991 and PG Diploma in Human Resource Management in 1995.

He has received three national and four state level awards for his contribution in the field of health education through books, news papers, Radio and Television.

He was honoured with Best Teacher (medical faculty) award and Dr.ShardiniDahanukar Best of the best teachers (all faculties) award by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik for the year 2015-2016.

  • He received Dwarika Sangamnerkar  Foundation’s Shatayushi award.
  • He was awarded  Dr.Suresh Nadkarni Mitramandal award by state branch of Indian Medical Association.
  • He was awarded fellowship by Indian Society for Malaria and other Communicable Diseases.
  • He was awarded fellowship by Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine.He was awarded fellowship by Indian Public Health Association.
  • He has written popular books namely “Principles and practice of biostatistics” and “Principles and practice of Medical Research” widely used by medical students all over India as reference books.
  •  He has published more than forty research articles in reputed medical journals.
  • He has written 20 books in Marathi for health education of lay people.
  • He is a sincere, dedicated teacher. He is recognized PG and PhD guide of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik
  • He is active in voluntary blood donation campaign and has donated blood more than fifty times.
  • He has worked as consultant for WHO, UNICEF and other NGOs.
  • Presently he is involved in research to prevent obesity and diabetes. His book “Effortless Weightloss and diabetes prevention” on this subject is very popular.
  • Inspired from the work of late Dr.Shrikant Jichkar he has initiated the “World free from obesity and diabetes” campaign. He and his team have conducted more than 300 lectures on the topic: Effortless Weightloss and diabetes prevention. His team comprises of around 56 dedicated leaders of the campaign that include many doctors.
  • His lectures on this topic are available on Youtube in English, Marathi and Hindi. These are viewed by lakhs of people.
  • Through 156 whatsapp groups, 1 facebook group and one facebook page more than 35000 people from over 36 countries are directly connected with this campaign.

Links to research articles

Dixit JV. Eating frequency and weight loss: results of 6 months follow up of a public health campaign at Aurangabad. International Journal of Clinical Trials 2014;1:67-9.

Dixit JV, Indurkar S. Effect of eating frequency on prediabetes status: a self controlled preventive trial. International Journal of Clinical Trials 2017;4(4):171-5.

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Dixit JV. Diabetes, its treatment and prevention: Are we on the right path? (Editorial)
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Dr. Jagannath Dixit's Lectures on Youtube

Marathi lecture at Gadkari Rangayatan, Thane on
9th June 2018

English lecture at Manakula Vinayaga Medical College, Pondicherry

Hindi lecture at Aurangabad

English lecture at College of Military Engineering, Pune

Marathi lecture at Belgaum

Marathi lecture at Balgandharva Rang Mandir, Pune

Marathi lecture at Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune

Marathi lecture at Prabhu Dnyan Mandir, Pune

Marathi lecture at Dayanand Auditorium, Latur

Marathi lecture at VidyaPratishthan, Baramati

Marathi interview on ABP Maza TV channel

Marathi interview on Doordarshan 

Dr Shrikant Jichkar's lectures on Youtube

Marathi lecture at Pune

Hindi lecture at Nagpur-1

Hindi lecture at Nagpur-2

Campaign co-ordinators

Shri Arun Nawge, Amol Bhagwat

Dr.Veda Nalawade, Dr.Santosh Dhumane, Archana Deoras, Shilpa Unkule, Deepak Kulkarni, Dr.Sangita Pandit, Shilpa Ghatnekar, Balasaheb Kadam, Mukta Gadgil

Dr.Anjali Dixit, Dr.Seema Dahad, Dr.Sujata Lahoti, Shivshankar Swami, Adv Ulhas Sawji, Surekha Sawji, Anita Bahekar, Dr.Shilpa Totala

Deepali Bendre, Raju Akolkar, Dr. Vaidehi Marathe, Hemant Kalikar, Milind Bhalerao, Mahendra Pendharkar, Rina Saha

Ravi Jagannathan, Madhavi Joshi,Shrikant Nitalikar,Santosh Badhe, A.G. Chaudhari, Sharmila Inamdar

Sandeep Sonawane, Sanjay More, Preeti More

Vaishali Toshniwal, Dr.Manisha Chaure

Rachana Malpani, Dr. Vimal Dole,Dr.Pradeep Patil, Vinod Gilda, Ashok Loya, Raju Girwalkar

Dr.Jayashree Kalani, Dr.Shirish Kalamanurikar

Dr. Nandanwankar

Atul Kulkarni

Santosh Mamdapur

Dr.Sandhya Dale