I lost 17 kgs of weight & 7 inches of waist size.


Hello Everyone,

I am Amit Singh Pardesi from Pune working for an IT company.

Mob: 9370084842. I am 39 years old & 176 cm tall.

In Sep 2017, my friend Devendra Akolkar told me about this diet plan after he attended Dr. Dixit’s session at Pune. I listened and thought, it is too good to be true and did not gave thought to try. He again persuaded me about it after couple of months and I finally started following this plan from 8 Nov 2017 onwards. Thanks largely to my wife, Ankita to have full meals ready  for me 

I did the lab tests on 10 Nov 2017 and the results are as below:

HBA1C: 5.84 
Insulin: 8.9
Weight: 102.4 kg
Waist Size : 50 inches

Since I started on this plan, I did a daily walk of minimum 45 mins in morning and covered 5+ kms for the first 3 months. I have my meals usually around 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM daily. There have been occasional breaks in plan from Christmas to New year due to travel, but was back on plan once I returned home.

On 10 Feb 2018 ,the results were as below:

HbA1c: 5.3
Insulin: 18.4
Weight: 92 kgs ☺ (< 10kgs)
Waist Size :  46 inches

The only doubt was, why did my Insulin level increased? Dixit Sir asked me to continue with the same and not worry about it.
From Feb onwards, I started to do walk + jogging. Initially just half km and slowly increasing the distance of jogging w.r.t. walking. After 3 months from Feb, I now cover 3 km walking and 5+ km jogging in just over an hour.
After 6 months of starting this plan when I did my lab tests on 10 May 2018 the results were as below:

HbA1c: 5.1
Insulin: 7.6
Weight: 85 kgs ☺ (< 17kgs)
Waist size : 43 iniches ☺ (< 7″ or 18 cm)

To summarize, in 6 months, I lost 17 kgs of weight & 7 inches of waist size.

You can see my pictures of Before & After to see the magic

It was proved that, this is by far the easiest diet plan to follow.

Insulin reduced drastically from 18+ to 7.6 in less than 3 months 

Let me also tell you that, since I started following 2 meals a day schedule, I started having more than I usually use to have in my normal major meal. And these 2 meals apart from fruits and salad, usually consists of sweets / ice cream too ☺. And the plan still worked. In between meals I drink only water and occasionally thin butter milk.

My occasional problems related to muscle pull, back ache & acidity vanished. I don’t feel the hunger in between 2 meals anymore. Feel more light and energetic.

The only problem I had to face after the diet plan started showing result was, I had to constantly find old clothes that I fit in properly. Today after 6 months, I had to change all my trousers/jeans/t-shirts as they are too loose to wear.

I take this opportunity to first thank late Dr. Shrikant Jichkar to have come up with this wonderful plan. I profusely thank Dr. Dixit and the entire EWL Team to make this plan available to common man and  driving such a noble cause of motivating numerous people to get their fitness and endurance back.

Thank you and warm regards to all those who have made this program a success. Wish it reaches every nook and corner of the country and helps in building a healthy nation.