Diabetic to Pre-Diabetic in three months


My name is Mrs Jayshri Bhapkar aged 53 years and I am based in Pune.
My mobile No. is 9420862014.

I am serving at NDA Khadakwasla. I was pre diabetes before starting diet plan. I have received diet plan through my brother.

I started diet plan 18 mar 2018 and my test results were as follows:-

Weight : 73.5 kgs
HbA1c 6.5
Fasting Insulin 10.09
Waist 36 inches

After three months, my test results were as follows:-

Weight 65.7 kgs
Fasting Insulin 9.59
HbA1c  5.8
Waist 34 inches.

I take one glass of buttermilk at 9 am and green tea at 5 pm. I do Hasya yoga and surya namaskar in morning and 6 km walking on hill. 

I feel very light since my minor problems are solved. I am very happy. Thanks to Dr Dixit sir and all team members